HelpWire is a remote desktop service for technical support made for you and your clients.


Our goal is to develop HelpWire into a comprehensive platform for remote support, while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

Launch day

Product state at launch


Released: October 19, 2023


1. Support for Windows and macOS
Native applications for remote control for Windows and Mac.


2. Multi-monitor support
Support for simultaneous display of multiple monitors.


3. Multi-workstation control
Concurrent remote control of multiple client computers.


4. File transfer
File transfer to remote session.


5. Web-based control center
A web account for managing clients and for setting up a remote session.


6. Simple connection method
Fast and easy start of a remote session via a unique connection link.


7. Contact book
A list of clients added to the service and their details.


8. Support chat
Text chat for communicating with clients in real time.


Implemented updates

Features released after the initial launch


1. Team management features, Released: March 21, 2024

Expanding the support team by inviting additional operators.


2. HelpWire Quick, Released: April 3, 2024
New user flow that does not require online account to initiate a quick remote control session.


Coming soon

Following service updates


1. Support for Linux
Native application for remote control for Linux.


2. Unattended remote access
Remote access computers with pre-set access rights.


3. Client management improvements

Grouping of clients, filters, passing clients to other operators, import of contacts.


4. Team management improvements

Adding more defined user roles, setting up operator groups and managing their access.


5. Improve connection methods
New ways to start a remote session: email invitation, website extension.


6. Schedule remote sessions
Scheduling remote support sessions in advance.


7. Remote session improvements
Transfer of the remote session to another operator, setting up ‘working hours’ for display in the client application.


Later in future

Product development vectors


1. Mobile apps
Support for screen sharing and remote access on Android and iOS.


2. Collaboration tools
Annotations and on-screen notes during a remote session.


3. Custom branding
Your branding in the web cabinet, operator and client applications.


4. Software integrations
Pre-made integrations with popular helpdesk, ticket and CRM systems.


5. Ticketing system
Ticket system for customer support requests and their automatic distribution among operators.


6. Performance reports & dashboards
View dashboards and generate reports and on operator productivity, quality of provided remote support.


7. Voice & video calls
Voice and video calls.


8. Remote monitoring & management
Mass deployment, device monitoring, and malfunction alerts.

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