To connect to a remote client, you need to have the HelpWire Operator application installed and launched on your computer. Read about this app’s interface in detail in the corresponding section of this User Guide.

In case you skipped the Download step when creating your HelpWire account, you’ll be taken through the steps to download and install the app when establishing your very first connection to a remote client.

Download Center for Operator in HelpWire

When trying to connect to your first remote client without having HelpWire installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download the app after you click the Connect button on the remote client’s screen icon.

  1. Click Download;

    Downloading the HelpWire Operator application
  2. Open the downloaded file to begin the installation;

  3. Read the HelpWire Terms of Service carefully and select I agree to the Terms of Service. Click Install;

    Installing the HelpWire Operator application
  4. Click Finish to complete the installation process;

    Finishing the installation process for the HelpWire Operator application
  5. Click Connect to your remote client in your web account to open the Operator app for the first time and establish connection;

    Completing the HelpWire Operator application installation process
  6. The HelpWire application will be opened on your computer.

Once opened, the HelpWire Operator app will establish a remote connection to the client’s workstation and you will be able to control the remote machine via the HelpWire Operator UI:

Connecting to the client’s remote workstation with the HelpWire Operator application
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