To be able to connect to a remote client’s workstation, the Operator should download and install the HelpWire Operator application


The application is designed to provide secure access and allow the Operator to control the client’s computer remotely during the support session. 

The HelpWire Operator application is automatically started when the Operator clicks the Connect button on the remote screen icon of their supported client:

Establishing remote connection to the client’s workstation from HelpWire web account

HelpWire Operator app menu

The following are the items offered on the application main menu:

HelpWire Operator app menu

HelpWire Operator app 4the name of the client’s workstation. If more than one is connected, the Operator can switch between them by clicking the workstation’s name and selecting the required one from the drop-down menu:

Choosing client’s workstation to connect to in the HelpWire Operator app

HelpWire Operator app 5only one screen of the selected client’s workstation is available.


HelpWire Operator app 6 or HelpWire Operator app 7 –  more than one screen of the connected client’s workstation is available.


HelpWire Operator app 8 – display only one remote client’s screen.


HelpWire Operator app 9split the operator’s screen horizontally to display several remote client’s screens one above the other.


HelpWire Operator app 10split the operator’s screen vertically to display several remote client’s screens side by side.


HelpWire Operator app 11remote connection options:

HelpWire Operator app options

          Original Size – display the image from the remote client screen in its original size.


          Fit Screen Width – fit the width of the remote screen image to the HelpWire app window. 


          Fit Screen Height – fit the height of the remote screen image to the HelpWire app window.


          Optimal Fit – fit the width and height of the remote screen image to the HelpWire app window.


          Prioritize High Quality – display the remote screen image in the best possible quality prioritizing it over the connection speed. 


          Medium Quality & Connection – set the medium-level screen image quality and connection speed. 


          Prioritize Fast Connection – load the image from the remote client’s screen at the best possible connection speed prioritizing it over the image quality.


          Disable Visual Effects – remove visual effects from the HelpWire Operator UI for optimal performance.  


HelpWire Operator app 13 – open HelpWire timeline. 


The HelpWire timeline, which is also a chat, allows the Operator to communicate with a client instantaneously and exchange files between the operator’s and the client’s computers.

To transfer a file to the client’s computer, the Operator should right-click the file they’d like to transfer and select Copy from the context menu > wait for the file to be copied to the clipboard > right-click in the HelpWire Operator app window and select Paste from the context menu that will open > the file will appear on the client’s computer.  


In a similar way, the Operator can transfer files from the client’s workstation to their computer. 


Alternatively, the Operator can use the key combinations Ctrl+С and Ctrl+V on Windows, and Cmd+C and Cmd+V on macOS to transfer files between computers during their remote support sessions.    


To end the remote support session and disconnect from the client, the Operator should click the Disconnect button power button at the top left of the application window.

Supported operating systems

The HepWire Operator application is currently available for macOS and Windows.


macOS – macOS Big Sur 11 and later.

Windows – Windows 7 and later.

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