As soon as the client starts the HelpWire application, the information about their operating system and system type is displayed on the Operator’s side. 

Once the info about the client’s workstation has appeared, the Operator should send a remote access request. To do this:

  1. Click Request Access on the remote client’s screen icon:

    Requesting remote access to the client's workstation in HelpWire
  2. A status message will indicate that the remote access request has been sent:

    Waiting for remote access permission to be granted to Operator
  3. Upon receiving the client’s approval, another message will appear indicating that remote access is allowed:

    Receiving Remote Control capabilities from the client in HelpWire
  4. Click Connect on the remote screen icon to establish a connection to the remote client’s computer and be able to control it remotely:

    Connecting to the remote client’s workstation
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