The online HelpWire account allows personal, general, and company settings to be adjusted.


To open the settings, you should select Account Settings under the profile picture in your HelpWire account;

The HelpWire account settings for Operator
  1. you’ll be able to change your photo, name, and email address;

    Editing personal information in your HelpWire account
  2. edit the company information, including your company logo and name;

    Editing company information in your HelpWire account
  3. adjust the general settings including date and time;


    Note: you can set the preferred time and date format to be used throughout your online account, e.g. in the timeline window, etc.

    Choosing the date and time formats in your HelpWire account
  4. reset the password for your account.

    Setting a new password for your HelpWire account
  5. permanently delete your HelpWire account.

    complete deletion of HelpWire account
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