HelpWire is a free remote support solution that allows tech support agents to get fast and secure remote access to their clients’ workstations regardless of the location of each party.

1. To begin, download the app from the official HelpWire website. 

Downloading the HelpWire Operator app for a quick support session

2. Start the application, copy the connection link, and send it to your client via any preferred messaging app, text, email, or helpdesk system.

HelpWire quick session guide: copying the connection link

3. By following the connection link, the client will be able to download the client app, and start it on their workstation.

HelpWire quick session guide: downloading the Client app

4. Once the client app has been started, your remote access request is sent to your client automatically.

HelpWire quick session guide: receiving a remote access request

The respective notification message will be displayed on your side. 

HelpWire quick session guide: waiting for the client to grant remote access
HelpWire quick session guide: using the built-in chat

5. The client should click the Grant Access button to allow the one-time remote access to their workstation.

HelpWire quick session guide: granting remote access

6. As soon as the client approves the remote connection, you can access and control their workstation remotely via the HelpWire app interface.

HelpWire quick session guide: connecting to the client’s workstation
HelpWire quick session guide: revoking remote access permission

7. To end your one-time remote connection, click the Disconnect button Disconnect button at the top left of the HelpWire app window.

HelpWire quick session guide: disconnecting from the client

Once disconnected, you’re offered to either create a free HelpWire account or generate a new one-time connection link.

HelpWire quick session guide: connection ended

8. After you end your one-time remote connection, the client’s connection link expires and their application becomes inactive.

HelpWire quick session guide: client chat notifications


If you would like to unlock the advanced client and company management features, register a free HelpWire account


Find out how to create and set up a free HelpWire account.

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